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WWE WWE Section
- RAW The complete WWE information including special events like Armagedon, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, etc. Complete superstar info and news of RAW and SmackDown in this section! Click here to see my WWE page. Click one of the links on the left for quick navigation. Don't forget to play the WWE Quiz.
- Special Event
- WWE Quiz
Game Programming Game Programming Section
- GameDev NET Lots of bundles of information on game programming for both beginners and intermediate programmers. I am also not a full game programmer right now. I am in my starting exercises of 2D games. I have created very few games right now, however, after a month or two, I might be at a higher level. I haven't made my game programming page because the links on the left contain tons of information on it. By my opinion, GameDEV is the best of all of them.
- Make Games
- Quick Game Recipe
- DirectX Starting Tutorials
- Game AI(Artifical Intelligence) Self-Programmed Games Section
- Microsoft DirectX These are the games which I have created for the starting exercises. Some games are buggy. Right now there are only 2 games, both of which have full source code, graphics, etc. So go ahead and download those! If you have any questions about the source code, don't hesitate to ask them. Click here to see my self-programmed games section.
- Fmod Sound API
- Game Programming Books
- Game Programming Articles
Self-Programmed Games Eid Greetings
- Rehman's Blocks(Tetris) Happy eid greetings to all! Click the two links below to see the eid-cards I have created.
-- Eid Card I
-- Eid Card II
-- Eid Card III
- Other Games
- Send e-mail to Rehman

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